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A Few Words About Us

We are

First off, no one owns the Enfluencer Network community! This community started off with only one purpose and that is, to create proper awareness on Environmental protection from different perspectives. When the first ever, Enfluencer Jodahi Bezabih thought of this community, he witnessed the various views of people in regards to the climate change issue and wanted to bring all of them to communicate and create wholesome solutions in saving the human race. Given that, he ventured off to social media advocacy and grass-root projects to make small impacts in his immediate surroundings. The community is now growing and more people believe to be the Enfluencers in their own small circles. These acceptances shows that, people already know about the issues of the environmental degradation, climate change, and way more, but did not know where to start this whole time. Now we can all start being an Enfluencer in our own ways through, our vocalized efforts on Environmental protection to save our mother Earth from the place we are situated in (Ethiopia). And we can all start by simmering our Entertainment with Education, about this cause, using our resources and talents. With that in mind, an Enfluencer can make an impact on his/her immediate surroundings just like a drop in an ocean. But believing that the ripple effect will make a tsunami at the end of the ocean.

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